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Click here to download a PDF of the SBC application. Complete the application and mail to 216 River Drive, Hollywood, AL 35752. Please include the application and $50 annual membership fee.



A membership in the Scottsboro Small Business Council means your business is a part of a continually growing network of other small businesses in Scottsboro and Jackson County. Below are just a few of the member benefits you will receive after joining the SBC. Please keep in mind we will always be adding new and exciting benefits to stay up to date with the ever changing market.

· Free advertising on the Scottsboro Small Business Council website.
· Small Business Council decals to place on your door or window to identify your business as a member of the SBC.
· Participation in the Jackson County Bucks Program to promote shopping at home. Bucks will be awarded to customers who shop with you!
· Promotion through sponsored events throughout Jackson County.
· Advertisement highlight in local newspaper for active members.
· Monthly newsletter, keeping you informed of activities and events among the community with coupons from existing members.
· And most importantly, the satisfaction of promoting local trade and supporting the local community.

Through your help and support of the Small Business Council this organization can accomplish many goals and continue to provide an organization where businesses can unite to actively protect small business and local trade.